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Captivating, custom-designed, handmade cards.


Irresistible, handmade jewellery for everyone.


Gorgeous handmade soaps with natural ingredients!

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Unique in every way

Each card is fully custom-made to suit your needs and wishes. Tell us what you want and how you want – we will bring it to life.

Give a card that’s made just for that special person in your life.

Cards that speak volumes

Show them that you know them without saying it.

Gift your loved ones a card made with their favourite colours, themes, fonts, materials, and more.

For all occasions

Whether it is to tell the special one that you love them or to express gratitude with a “thank you!” or to let the dear one know that you are thinking of them during their time of loss, no occasion is too important or too trivial to give a beautiful hand-crafted card.

More than cards

Talk to us about custom printed gifts and packaging to go with the cards.

Make it a hamper!

Sometimes a card just isn’t enough, even a card by Paul! (We know, It’s shocking…) But, we got you covered for such times!

Add in some customer printed mugs and t-shirts or simply tell us what off-the shelf items you would like in your hamper. Whether it’s chocolates, teas, spices, or anything else, we will source them for you and pack them with awwwwesome packaging.

Bulk Orders

We are not only specialised in making unique one-off cards. We also take bulk orders such as hand-crafted wedding invitations.

Invitations that can't be rejected!

Looking for hand-made invitation cards? Want cards brushed with gold, embossed names, fresh garden foliage,wax seals, and more?

Thank God, your search is over!

Tell us of your dream invitation cards and we will turn them into reality.